Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sup :) February 14, 2011

ALRIGHT!!!!!!! This week was pretty slow in work but one of the best ever haha! I received 7 LETTERS between thursday last week and today! I have never been so happy in my life! knowing that everyone is doing so great and wonderful and that everyone is still hanging around and not kickin me to the curb hahahaha! But thank you everyone for the letters it lifted my spirit so high this last week and it is still going haha!
Well to Start i want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to MY DAD!!!!! I should have gotten a letter out earlier but im still falling behind on getting B-day letters our early so they are there on time haha but one is coming!!!!
Then i want to ask about my Priesthood Authority Line? And was hoping that you could do some research and put that together for me haha cuz i would really love to have that! Also i Want EVERY EVERY EVERYONE to find this talk online and listen to it! Holy cow is it an amazing talk! It is called Saftey for you Soul by Jeffery R. Holland. Aww so good! Then want to know how That sewer line that i dug up and fixed is coming along haha! Im so happy everytime i think about it cuz it makes me feel like i actually did something before i left instead of sitting around being lazy before i left:)
Now for the real news stuff!!!!!!!
Sister Pandleton got in a car accident this last weekend and it was a head on collision. She broke her sternum, had a concusion, broke something else i think and then scrapes and bruises. Well while she was laying on the ground with everyone around her she was letting everyone know she was a mormon and so proud to be one! She asked both the First Officer there and the Medic in the back of the ambulance both if they were mormon, they said no, so she asked them if they would like to be and would like to follow christ's example and be baptised. I want to be like her! The Amazing thing is the whole mission fasted for her that next day and then tht day after she was up walking around and back to her normal activities! She is one tough cookie! Next later that next night which was monday night. i gave my FIRST blessing out here! it was so amazing! it felt so so good! Finally having a super solid testimony and giving a priesthood blessing was so great! I learned why i always felt scared to give one before, it was because my testimony wasn't strong enough and i had doughts. Well not anymore! This church is true and i hold the priesthood and it is so great!
I want everyone to know im sorry for not sounding so up beat a couple weeks ago! I lost track of being out here and was just picking out every negative thing and not smiling and not being happy and just not being me! Well all of your letters helped me see that i wasn't being myself! i was letting contention into my life and that just isnt me! I forgot my favorite scripture! 3 Nephi 11:29. So me and my comp sat down and discussed everything and i have prayed strongly for help and GUESS WHO IS BACK!:) Aww i am so happy to be happy again haha! I was just thinking the other day how hard it is going to be to come home. A member left their tv on and i watch a bit of it and it just felt so weird and i didnt want to even watch what was on tv. IT WAS BAD! Im scared to come home haha cuz there are alot of movies out there that arent good and its hard to stay away from everything out there! Haha Im becoming weird!;) And its only been 2 and a half months! i can't even imagine what im gonna be like at the end haha! hopefully not to to weird;) So things with me and Elder Dowling couldnt be any better;)
Well running out of time now but a few more things.
Darrell is being assigned home teachers now! he is basically a member! just waiting to be able to get baptised! We only had 11 lessons this week but we talked to 60 PEOPLE that turned us down haha! But its getting so frustrating haha. Some people that want to bash are so STUPID!!!! They will sit there and try bashing with us and then all we say is have you read the BOM and they say well enough to know, so we ask it again and they say bits and peices. And i just want to tell them they are stupid! You can't bash the BOM if you havent even read it!!! and then this tiny little lady tried bashing to, even after we started walking away she was still coming haha! just picture that haha...............yup exactly as you can picture it:) She kept saying to oh i got a bible and thats all i need, i wanted to be like well look and 2 ne 28&29. LADY THAT IS YOU!!!!!!!! haha aww the nerve of some people:) i am learning so much out here holy cow! i never thought i would know this much about the scriptures or just the gospel over all!!!! and there is still just so much out there that its frustrating B/C i can't learn it fast enough! But i love it out here and it is so great! im enjoying it cuz it also will be the easiest i ever live in my life again haha!
Well i love all of you guys more than you can imagine! and yes that goes for those to that aren't just family and i think they know who they are;) but i love all of you and thank you so much for the support from everyone. i wouldnt be out here if it wasn't for you ALL!!!! The letters are so great and amazing!!!! Haha i felt like a spoiled kid at the candy store with no limits when i got all those letters:) LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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