Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hey February 7, 2011

Ok this week was so great! We set a zone goal for every companionship find 2 gators a peice. well we found 6 just us 2 and then our zone found 24 all together! So it was such a great week! so many people we got to teach this week! We got to teach 17 different lessons this week and it was so great! we should be able to set a bap. date with one of them this coming week! and im almost positive she is going to say yes!
i did my first baptism invitation this last week too!!! haha aww it was so great and failed so good haha! well the guy thought i was talking about that day. so he was like umm today? No. haha then we had to explain to him what we really meant and he said oh ok. well i need to talk to my wife about it first and so we sent another appt. for tuesday and we are going over there to see what him and his wife have decided? his wife i guess has had some bad stuff with religion before so im hopeing that we will just even be able to teach another lesson with them. I think if we can just get them to church even just once, and the whole family, cuz they got 2 kids. i think that they will change their minds. cuz she wants it good for her kids and doesnt want them to go through the same thing. so im really hoping that she will even just give it a chance!
Holy Crap! I finally decided i think i might need to actually just read through the BoM and not just look up scriptures and so thats what i have been doing this last 2 weeks. Holy Crap! if everyone would just give it a chance and read it......gosh there is so much in it! and i have only read through 1 nephi! i have spent 2 weeks just on 1 nephi and there is so so much in it! i still have 1 more chapter to read and go through before im done with just the first book haha! Its so amazing tho with some of the scriputres i already know how everything just ties together! its jsut so so great! i am marking a smaller separate book that i will study for all the time and then send it home towards the end and i will explain more when that time comes cuz i want to to be more of a surprise kind of thing haha! and ya there is just so much in it. If people would just give it a chance and not say no at the first go they would know that its true! almost without having to pray! it is such a great book and has so much knowledge for us in it!
So my commitment to everyone is to read through the WHOLE BoM this year. Join with me in studying it good and hard and it will make every day you read from it that much better and easier to go through. I Still love you all so so much haha and miss you all! I love this chance to be out here and get 2 years just to study cuz EVERYONE knows I NEEDED IT!!!!! hahaha!
Love you all so much! The Book really is blue and the church really is true! We have a prophet for us today and show us in these modern times what to do! LOVE YOU ALL!!!
Elder Martindell

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