Monday, January 31, 2011

Hey! January 31, 2011

Haha well alright! I will be looking forward to it! You really dont realize how much you enjoy letters until everyone else is getting them and your not:) Haha there for a little while i was thinking i might have to stop writing home just so that i could finally get some letters, and no not just saying this to you mother haha but everyone:) haha i figured this was a 2 way street right;)
Well we can get all of those things but we only get 130 dollars a month. and thats for anything and everything. but almost all of it goes into food. cuz its got to be for breakfast and lunch and dinner here and there. and paper towels and TP and dish soap and hand soap and hand sanitizer. haha there are just so so many things i have never had to buy before or even think about haha but I have been doing pretty well tho manageing money haha ya i know suprising huh! Well i think about it everyday. I know i have said this before but you really got to learn how to manage time and money out here. you learn just so many things that are really going to help in life. There are just so many things also to learn and learn to control haha for sure is the wants from the needs. So its great cuz you learn alot from just being out here. Not just gospel related things but huge life related things that will help you have a better and great life.
Haha well i still love my comp but after so long you really learn how to be patient and put up with people haha. He is a good guy and good intentions but is exactly what i said i wanted haha! a super strict comp that follows EVERY rule to a T pretty much haha! So i went through a couple days where he really jsut bugged me, but then i finally sat down the other day and noticed that i had changed so much from being out here. My attitude in just life had changed. I wasn't choosing to be happy, and was choosing to let everything and anything bug me and bother me instead of just laughing everything off and just enjoying life. Haha so i have been making consious efforts towards going back to being laid back and just laugh about things haha and i dont think he is liking it to to much haha! cuz he will say something thats just stupid first of all, like i will make a joke and no its not dirty or anything but just about breaking a simple rule or something which wouldnt be big in the first place even if you did. and he goes way over board and says ya we might as well do ......... whatever and its like some of the biggest sins you can make and takes it way out of proportion haha and aww its so funny cuz now i just agree with him and make it sound like we should do that and then it makes him mad and ya haha its so great! So you definately learn how to handle people and just brush stupid things off haha! The other night tho was the farthest he had ever pushed tho. i was sitting there playing with this v_ball and it slipped and hit something but didnt do anything cuz i wasnt doing anything intense and so nothing happened and after i was like oops my bad. it was an accident im sorry. well i went to pick up the ball and he hits it from me and then takes it and wouldnt give it back. and then says ya well its stupid little things like that that stupid people break and do stupid things. i just laughed and asked for it back quite a few times and then he kept saying things and so i started getting irritated and he said you want it then come take it from me. you will be so happy tho i just turned around and went to my room haha and had to calm down before talking to anyone for a while. but now its funny haha but he is jsut not very smart. He is like a solid 6'2" if not 6'3" and 170 pounds. and he is just skinny. i out weigh him by 30 pounds! but i didnt say anything haha just went to my room calmed down and then the rest of that night was ok haha so yup! thats how things are with us right now haha! im ready for a new one but transfers are tomorrow and we are staying together haha! so another 6 weeks with him which i new we would cuz trainers normally train for 2 transfers anyways.
Well Darrell committed to baptism haha but cant for about 6 months cuz of probation and we picked up a new family! but they are spanish so we get to give them to some other elders who cover the spanish branch. but we got some new investigators haha thats all that matters! we are still trying to pick up more cuz the rest of the investigators are moving really really slow. not much is happening right now. Still get some great things said and yelled at us tho haha its so awesome! but nothing to new with the work but ya.
oh i got to go on exchange tho with my DL and we ended up doing drywall in the members home he is living with! its all hung but we got to do all the taping haha and it was alot of fun! doing something i havent done in a while and now knowing a little bit more wasnt terrible and just being that much smarter and grown up haha it was fun! i was treated like a saint tho cuz i knew some what about it so i had to teach everyone what to do and how things went haha so that made it that much funner to haha! good thing i learned that! i learned it for a reason:)
i love all of you guys so so much and miss you all! The Book Is BLUE & The Church Is TRUE! And i love it everyday! This gospel is just so great and i love it so so much!
Your Elder Martindell

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