Monday, January 31, 2011

It's Great!! January 19, 2011

Well time is flying by so so fast! already into my 5th week out here! Almost done with my first tranfer! how crazy is that! its going by so so fast! in a week and a half it will have been 2 months out! time flys by when your having fun haha! Well things are still going well....sorta. we are starting to get in a stump with our investigators. its crazy how you can have 6 investigators and all be having different problems haha! yes we are at 6 now. we lost 1. he loves us coming over and visiting but wasnt progressing anymore and is pretty set in his ways. so that was kinda a downer. but everyone else isstill progressing well. All kinda slow but still progressing. So our goal is to start pushing more on baptism and our purpose and reason for meeting and what we are woking towards and all of that good stuff! So we are praying really hard for help on where to start going with our investigators and how to eep helping them progress.
Well i got to have my first sick day! never thought i would get sick out here! laying in bed just felt so wrong! the whole time i felt like i was disobaying and doing bad but then thought it was best for me to be sick a day and get back to work than get out investigators sick and them be out a week if not more. but it sucked really bad. i learned be careful what you wish for. i said i wanted a p-day where i could just sleep and rest instead of catching up on everything still. and also a 0 mile day on the car so we can get a cushion just incase something happens. well i got both yesterday just not the way i wanted it haha! im out of time. i didnt get much time today. lots of people! but nothing to much new going on. cuz we are in a stump. but hopefully there will be some good progress to report for next week. I love you all and it sounds like everything at home is going good! sounds like the lord is taking care of all of you guys! He will continue to do so as long as you keep him right there in your everyday life and not jsut when you need him. i miss you all and still kickin strong out here haha! actually i love it! im finally getting more confident on tlaking to anyone and everyone ha which is pretty fun cuz i LOVE the reactions you get from some people. haha its what makes the work more fun and enjoyable. its kinda funny to listen to some of the excuses people give to not let you in or cancell and appointment. but its great cuz this is what im out here to do which makes it that much better! i love you all and keep pushing forward! and yes we have a cd player in the car and in our appartment. so love ya and cant wait to hear from you guys!

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