Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's Me :) January 10, 2011

Aww that makes me so happy! i want you to know as well i pray all the time for you guys and i love hearing how things are cuz it helps me find that drive to work even hard and harder every single day! cuz i know the harder i work the more blessed i am and those around me and those in contact with me! that makes me so happy! just keep doing what your doing and the lord will find a way to take care of us:) well the mine itself is kinda crazy but i think he would be ok. cuz there is EA and lots of good people there. so as long as he keeps working hard and doesnt let himself thinking bad he will be just great!
well things are going so so great!!! we have 7 investigators right now that we are teaching! 2 of them i think will comit to baptism within the next couple weeks! oh my gosh! the lord really does listen all the time. Elder Dowling and i were driving in the car to this part-members house i said you know the only thing i want on my mission and i would feel like the whole thing was a success is if we knocked a door and they just said i have been waiting for you for a long time and then let us come in. haha well that exact thing didnt happen but it was close. we went to take some stuff back to them it was just the mom and her 2 girls. well we were there talking for about 45 minutes. and i didnt know the mom wasnt a member. well while talking we werent even talking about gospel things. we were just talking and she randomly said, you know i would like to start taking the missionary lessons again. and me not knowing she was a member was just like aww cool cool ya we can do that. no problem! we would love to! well as we kept talking i guess the missionary that she first met made a big change in her life and asked when he went home and its in june. well she was like ya i would like to get baptised before june. me still not paying attention didnt think nothing of it till we were leaving and i finally realized what just happened! i was so excited i didnt even know what to do with myself! this lady out of no where said she wants to keep talking the lessons and get baptised in the next couple months haha! it was the craziest thing ever!
now this other guy is my favorite tho. he i think will be baptised in the next month and a half. when we first met him he said he wants to have the faith that we have and wants to believe like we do and we have taught him twice now and its just the greatest feeling in the world to teach someone that truly wants to know and wants to believe and seeing his eyes light up when he hears something that he wants and needs to hear. you really cant even explain how great of a feeling that is! and its so great cuz he reminds me alot of dad and kinda loos similar haha but shorter and he does construction and what not so me and him get along so great and i know what he is talking about when he talks about work and so its so great! i am finally getting what i have wanted for so long! and that is to become really close with someone personally and also spiritually. i really wish you could know how im feeling out here:)
the rest are slowly slowly coming along haha but they are all fun to teach. some not so much cuz this lady is basically deaf and likes to talk so its hard to talk and teach her but they are all fun. for the most part is cuz they really make me think cuz they are so so smart cuz they are all older and been around a while and studied the bible tons and just know alot of religious history so they are good for me that way cuz they really make me think and have to study or else they just kill ya with knowledge haha! but at the same time its bad cuz they are the ones who need the proof instead of faith proof. so that makes it more difficult. but i love it all cuz it helps you in so many ways! with dealing with people, having patients, haveing to learn more haha, communication and how to talk to certain people without offending and ya it truly is good for everyone haha!
well thats things right now and i will keep you updated on how the investigators are going and the progress we are making. i love this JOB haha! my job is to make people happy, help them any way i can, and just try to make their lives happier haha its so wonderful:) and im finally getting less and less homesick kinda haha. i miss home less and less every week! i promise i will never forget anyone!!!!! but i dont miss it as much which is nice cuz i can focus better:)

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