Friday, January 14, 2011

MTC Pictures

Ok so yesterday we received a package from Robby which was wonderful with post cards, pictures, videos and things that I will be trying to post on here because they are so neat!  I am going to start with some pictures....although I have no idea who most of the Elder's are...Robby will have to fill us in on that information, but just know they are coming.

Ok this was the first picture Robby took with his camera.  We were sitting in IHOP in Orem just waiting for our breakfast the day he entered the MTC.  (Note:  For those of you who will be having missionaries going out, IHOP will give your missionary a free meal the day he enters the MTC.  So eat and enjoy....we did!)  The cool thing is there were probably 10 other missionaries and their families in the restaurant when we were there!

Well this looks like his room at the MTC the day he entered...I'm guessing, because it looks like they are still unpacking!

Hall shot into the Bathroom!

Robby and his Elder Room mates.

Robby and his companion.

I think he said these were the guys in his district.

Guessing class room?

His Instructor


I know...a lot of these speak for themselves!

I do know this one....This is Elder Kartchner from Thatcher that Robby was good friends with before his mission.

Ok this one cracked me up....and there were a couple more where he was taking a pictures of other Elders taking pictures....?

Alright Elder.....keep your mind on the work!

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