Saturday, January 15, 2011

Robby's first area in the California Roseville Mission!

Robby is now serving in Auburn, California.  Here is an introduction to his first companion Elder Dowling!

Here are some pictures that he has also sent of his apartment and various other things!

Looks like his companion got a boo boo!

Mmmmm...wonder what this means :)

Looks like he has enjoyed our package!

......and then some!

Definitely a place of study!

" caught!"

Sara....I think these are for us!

Just chillin'

Hanging with the the Christmas Tree!

Ooooh....what did his companion find?!

"Uh Oh....I got caught agian!"

Not sure the first Elder's name and Elder Boyter

Elder Martindell and Elder Boyter

Elder Martindell, Elder Boyter and Elder Dowling

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