Thursday, December 23, 2010

December 7, 2010 Email

k ha something i forgot to add on my letter home was my patiartical blessing ha or how ever you spell that?! but i love hearing from all of you guys haha! its the greatest things getting letters from the outside world. it really is werid here cuz you honestly dont see the outside world unless walking to the temple. so the rare times you get a glance its like holy there is something out there besides the MTC haha:) oh but tell garrett to write again haha cuz i never got anything! maybe figure out to get ahold of him and make sure he is doing it right:) it really stinks tho only being able to write so many times and so aften! just cuz like if you need something you have to wait for a certain day or certain time before you can contact anyone on the outside world! it is so different cuz communication is hard to come by haha i cant imagine living back when it really was like this and took so long for mail and whatnot to get to places!? but ya i actually dont know if you have even gotten my letter yet. so when you do write me and let me know when you got it. might have helped to put a date on it so you know exactly how long it has taken! i promise i am trying to write everyone! its just so so hard! cuz we only get 1 day a week to write and i mean my weak little arms and hands cant type or write to long before they start cramping like no other! im really hoping that eventually they will get tougher so that i can write more and like to write more haha cuz even writing in my journal is so hard cuz after so much i just cant write anymore. but it is slowly getting better haha! i went so far from a half page, to a full page for a while, and finally got just over a page:) well i got to make this short. thursday 1 will be really long haha so just be prepared to read:) haha its nice knowing people who know people haha cuz like i said we only got 30 minutes to write. well there is a missionary trick that you have to know people to get it to! but there is a trick that you can do that gives you more than 30 minutes. but i love hearing from everyone so dont be scared to write:) LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!
Elder Robert Louis Martindell ;)

haha i forgot to say you should send some Dr. Pepper to when you send everything ;) umm i will keep thinking on what else but unless i really need it i will wait till i get to cali to ask for anything just cuz the more the harder it will be to pack everything. oh and did you ever find my chase card? oh haha and whenever you feel inspired to get ties richard was right:) its the only thing you can change so the more they better haha! its been cool. we have an ugly tie sunday, then purple tie tuesday, green tie wednesday, and blue or yellow tie saturday:) but ya just forgot those things so there ya go:)

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