Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dropping Robby off at the MTC

Dropping Robby off at the MTC was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do in my entire life!  He was so ready and was very excited to start this new adventure in his life!  We started the morning out at Walmart to pick up the last few things that he would need then headed around the corner to the IHOP!  At the IHOP they give missionaries free breakfast the day the enter the MTC.  It was so neat!  There were probably 10 to 12 other missionaries and their families there eating breakfast.  I am so thankful we found out about this neat thing that they do.  It was really fun to see all these missionaries and their families sharing their last meal with the one they loved....for the next two years!  You could feel the excitement in the air....and the parents anguish!  It was funny cause we all basically started leaving at the same time.  After leaving IHOP we went to find the MTC.  We pulled into the parking lot across from the MTC about 12:30 and he was to report at 1:00.  It was full of other prospective missionaries and their families preparing to enter and saying their goodbyes!

Here is Rob and Robby trying to put the last little bit of stuff into his suitcase before we drop him off.

Taking a few last I love this Elder!

Mom, Dad, and Elder last picture together!

When it was exactly 1:00 we hopped in the Truck and drove across the street to the entrance of the MTC and they showed us where we needed to go to drop him off.

We pulled up and quickly grabbed his things and took this one last picture with this Elder that was quickly assigned to help him get where he needed to go.

From this point we drove away....He was now officially Elder Martindell.....a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!

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