Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hey Hey December 21, 2010 - He is now in California!

Hey! i made it to cali! i love it here! everyone is so friendly and i think me and Pres. Pendleton will get along so great! haha its so crazy to finally be here! its weird thinking i am finally out here! oh and i did learn i HATE flying haha it was as bad as riding a roller coaster! haha but i gave out my first pass along card to think lady on the plane who was on her way home from her dads funeral! and it was perfect cuz i had a pass along card that was more for familiy things and what not so our heavenly father truely sets things ready for us! i almost didnt give it to her but finally found the courage and did haha it was awesome! i loved the looks we got as we walked through the airport to haha some people wouldnt even look at us even after saying hi. but this is all the time i got so next time tho i will have i think as much time as i want to write so it will be a good one:) but im supposed to tell you i got here safe and i love my mission president and his wife! they are so kinda and just so amazing! i love you all so much and i will be writing again soon with more detail!

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