Thursday, December 23, 2010

My First Email! December 2, 2010

Hello family! haha this is such an amazing place! its so hard not to have the spirit here! what was most amazing was when i first woke up this morning it was kinda hard to actually get up but another elder had gotten up and another elder asked "you must be a morning person" he said "not exactly, but im not here for myself im here for the lord" haha after he said that i sat up and said good answer elder and got right up out of bed and it made it so much easier to get up this morning. but so far i have liked it here! its serious when it needs to be but the rest of the time is so layed back and just fun! no where near what i thought it would be like. my companion is Elder Erickson. haha mom your not gonna like this but we are so much alike its so funny! our heavenly father really does bless you! i couldnt ask for a better first companion tho! haha still a little goofy when it comes to playing basketball but other than that its been so fun the whole time! its crazy seeing some of the guys i know in here. so far only seen Elder Louis Flake and Elder Shaun Kartchner but Elder Flake said there are quite a few people here i just havent seen them yet. the first day was funny tho, me and my companion already messed up and went to the wrong class and showed up to the right class almost 20 minutes late! and then this morning we thought we had to get up at 6 and be ready by 6:30 but we didnt have to get up till 6:30 and be ready by 7. so we woke up 30 minutes early this morning which was actually kind of nice cuz i got to write a little bit more letters which i learned im not supposed to do other than on P day only. ha i thought if i had time when in my room i could do so but you can just not supposed to i guess? i have to say the weirdest thing is not having a phone just cuz i keep thinking of things to ask you or dad or rich or dan and i think i can just text you guys really fast but turns out i cant haha its just kinda weird that way. its been kinda tough tho mentally. today i have had to fight pretty good this afternoon on staying awake and not falling asleep just cuz we still dont go to bed till almost 10 but got to get up at 6. which after a little while i will get used to but not for the first little bit haha! well im trying to think of things to say but its been such a short time that i dont got to much to report about haha! but you do need to let me know who else i need to add to my list of people to send the emails to that im allowed to so that you dont have to forward so many. but idk how the emailing thing is going to go cuz like today we only get 30 minutes on here and we have a timer so we have to finish before the timer goes off or else it just kicks us off haha so i might get some emails that i wont be able to respond to just cuz of the short time i might have, but we will get it figured out! so i learned tho that ya we eat at like 5pm so by the time bed time comes around we get pretty hungry again:) so what ever it is you can think of sending food wise is one of the greatest blessings for a missonary ;) oh and bretts things are in the console thing of the truck haha i found those there when we were packing the rest of my stuff yesterday morning. oh and my P days right now are on thursday so my next email will be sometime thursday just depends on when we get to get in to write them. but i only got 5 min left so i got to wrap things up. but i just want everyone to know how much i love everyone and what a great family i have for not giving up on me during those crazy times and helping me to get back on track to get where i needed to go which at this time is here! and for the amazing friends i was blessed with before i got to come on my mission. without those 2 VERY important things i know i wouldnt be here right now. i honestly could not ask for a better family or friends. i love all of you guys so much and miss everyone! and dont worry i am taking as many pictures as i can haha when i remember haha! but love you guys and i cant wait to hear from you guys!
Elder Robert Louis Martindell

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