Thursday, December 23, 2010

OK Here it is ha ha! December 9, 2010

k well the first couple days were super super long! get up and 6:30
and doing stuff all day then not going to bed till 10:30 or a little
bit later. so the first couple days were rough. but what all the
elders say is true! once you make it to the first sunday everything
else just cruises! well last week i was getting so frustrated! cuz i
could not remember anything when i went to teach and would jsut freeze
up! well satruday after my last teaching i actually started tearing up
becuase i just could not get it no matter how hard i was trying to
learn and study it just wasnt coming to me. well saturday night a
prayed and fasted to be able to remember things, be able to teach
better and with the spirit and not by myself. i also asked my branch
president for a blessing. and i now have the greatest testimony on
prayer because i was a little down to cuz of family and yes missing
home and the people i love from home! well during the blessing right
when i started thinking about family he said exactly what i needed on
family and i know that was coming straight from the lord. after that i
felt so much comfort and peace! at my next couple teaching over then
next 2 days went so amazing! things went so smoothe and me and elder
erickson just fed right off each other. well something that is very
bad but cool at the same time is i went through the pride cycle. which
is bad but way cool because i caught it! i now know what its like and
exactly going through it is like. and i noticed this because i didnt
work as hard in my studies and so then was having a hard time studying
and me and elder erickson started not getting along and having
contention and our appointments were just bad! going off topic and
jumping all around and cutting each other off and it was just really
bad. but the lord showed that to me and so now i can start to get back
on the right track and work harder so that, that doesnt happen again!
but its really cool here! before i came for some reason i always felt
uncomfortable about talking about the gospel or anything about that
but now its the casual launguage haha! its not weird talking about it.
i started thinking about it and as of now it would feel so weird to go
a day and never talk about something in the gospel, scriptures, or
just about anything like that haha! i just thought that was kind of
amazing cuz its just starting to get so easy to talk about the gospel
and for the most part know what people are talking about and talk
right back like its just a normal everyday converstaion! the only
thing i wish we had more of is gym time! we only get 1 hour of gym
when we have gym and we only have gym 4 times a week!!! your not even
allowed to play on P DAY!!!! its monday, wednesday, friday, and
saturday. but believe me i sure make sure i make the most of tht 1
hour haha! the food here is actually really good tho! 3 great meals a
day! but yes it gives you the WORST GAS OF YOUR LIFE!!!!!!
HAHAHAHA!!!!!! i actually got up to 198 pounds sunday and freaked cuz
it was like all in my belly:) cuz i was filling myself until i
seriously could not eat anymore and that was every meal:) so now i do
sit ups night and day along with push ups, and only eat one plate of
food and a couple sides. so it fills me up but not bad at all haha! so
when i weighed yesterday, wednesday, i was back down to 192 pounds and
the belley is looking pretty good haha!!! umm P day tho is so great!!!
we woke up at 6:30 cuz we have to did pushups and sit ups and then
went back to bed till 8. then went to breakfast, back to our room and
just hung out for a bit and got our dirty clothes together and then
came down to wash them! so they are washing right now while i am
emailing!!! then 12:30 is lunch and then we have more just whatever
time to do whatever you want, which me and elder erickson will prepare
our lesson for our investigator for tomorrow. and then i need to go
through my scriptures and put tabs on all my scriptures i use so that
they are easier to find haha. umm then at 2:50 my district gets to go
to the temple if you want and we are going but not sure yet what we
are going to do yet. im really thinking i want to do a sealing just
cuz i havent done that and want to know what thats like?! then after
that we have dinner at 5:30 and get dressed in missionary attire and
go to class from 6:15-9 then back to our rooms for study, journal, and
bed time haha to start our normal days again:) you need to send me
that other memory card so that i can send you the one i have haha!!!
oh ya i need to go through and tell you who is who!!! im not going to
do that to all of them just cuz its alot the same people. but i will
go through and make sure you know who all is who in all of them and
whats going on in some of the videos i have. oh and i need to get some
more batteries and a charger. and i guess read the directions cuz the
charger and batteries i tried charging started eroding and had stuff
all over them like they were 100 years old? its was so weird?! but if
you can just get a charger here in the book store they have, they have
those green rechargable batteries but no charger. so just a charger
and i would be good. but thats it for now haha if you got any other
questions i didnt answer just let me know:) you should just make a
list of questions and i will go through 1 by 1 and answer them all
haha:) well i love you guys so so much and evrything you guys have
done! i miss everyone so so much! never thought i would miss you guys
so much but you do when you cant talk or see to them no matter what
you try or want so then i miss you more haha! well just know im taken
care of and things are going super super good! i love all of you guys
and love so much hearing from everyone haha! it really is the best
part of a missionaries day:) love ya and talk to you soon!!!!!


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