Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hello! December 16, 2010

umm lets seethings are still good! we taught the greatest lesson on tuesday! we have these thigns called the TRC. which is where converts go and use there investigator before they became a member so it gets pretty realistic. but this was the 2nd time we taugh this man his name was george peterson. and so tuesday was a follow up visit and when you treat it real it really does get real! the spirit comes and helps you teach and you really can tell when your investigator feels it to! but last week we actially kinda got into it at the end with him about saying our closing prayer. i mean he really kinda yelled at us. saying "is this what your about is forcing people to pray when they dont want to" and some other things like that. so we fixed things best we could before we left and luckly agreed to meet with us one more time. and so we really put lots of time into preparing things for him, to answer his questions from the first time, and just did alot to put it so he could understand it. well tuesday we went back and we just connnected! everything just flowed and we answered all of his questions! and i learned kinda how to ask someone to pray without them feeling affended! and that i can pray to show how easy it is and then have them pray right after. and he actually prayed and it was one of the greatest feelings of my life right after he prayed! the spirit was so stong in there! i actually started to tear up some and so did George! i honestly cannot wait to get out there and truely bring someone closer to christ like that and to just see the happiness enter into them and watch them glow! i only got 4 days left and i get to get out and really get to work! i am so excited and cant wait! there really is no better feeling than seeing someone find the light and know their purpose in life! Ha but i did learn i still got a long way to go to be the best i can be! we got talked to yesterday about exact obedience. totally leaving everything home and not doing anything that reminds you of home other than your P day. no even singing songs in your head you dont think your mission pres would approve of to listen to out loud and just alot of that. its still gonna take me a little while not to do that cuz it truely does feel like your gonna forget about home and everyone there but then again thats what we are supposed to do for 2 years. but he promised that it all comes back really fast, and that your learning comprehention and capability increases greatly because of that. you seriously become a sponge here tho! its so amazing how much i have learned in only 3 weeks!!! i really have learned more in these 3 weeks that i have learned my entire life!!! so i will let you know how that goes haha! well thats about it so far. not to to much goes on in MTC (Missionary Training Confinement) haha! no its actually not that bad but i definately am almost ready to leave haha! i just want to teach real people and start studying things for real people, cuz i was told that studying and learning for people is the best way to actually study because your learning for someone else and not just yourself. which is so true cuz i learned so much studying and finding things for George than i did just trying to study for myself. Well thats all i got for now till next week! haha im pretty sure i will have a good amount next week just cuz i will have a new comp, know my first area, met alot of new people, and hopefully met my first investigator! so hopefully next weeks will be full of some really good stuff haha! like wether or not you have to worry about me coming home for hitting my new comp or not HAHAHAH JK!:) but it should be a good one haha!
I love you guys so so much! God truely blessed me with the most AMAZING FAMILY AND FRIENDS! I really think i am the wealthiest man in the world cuz i got something about 90% of all people dont have and i will never truely lose any of it ;)! i love you all so much and cant wait to hear from everyone!:)
Your Loving & Growing,
Elder Robert Louis Martindell
P.S: I have gained my OWN Testimony of the BofM and Bible since i have been here! I know they are the true words of Christ! For the guys Read
Jacob 4:7. That has helped me realize what kind of power we truely hold & can hold!
P.S.S: i have learned some Tongan haha and plan to learn a whole lot more! so there is more still to come! haha:)
Ofa Atu- Love you
Ofa Atu Toko- Love you brother
Ofa Lahi Atu- Love you very much
Koe Otua Ko Eku Malohi- God is my Strength

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